Consent to transfuse

All blood components and products need written consent from the patient.

As with any prescribed drug, the patient must receive adequate information as to
  • the reasons for the transfusion
  • the risks
  • the benefits
  • the alternatives
  • the consequences if the transfusion is not received
The patient or their parent/guardian must agree to the transfusion before it is carried out.

When consent is obtained for surgery/anaesthetic, consider obtaining consent for the use of blood components or products at the same time. This is especially important if, in the particular circumstances, there is a 1% chance or more, of blood components or products being required.

Where blood components and products are refused by an adult for any reason, this decision must be respected, ensuring that those making the decision fully understand the implications this may have on the clinical outcome.

When this decision is made by one or more people on behalf of another who is not capable of making the decision, such as in the case of a minor, there is provision for the decision to be legally challenged.

When situations such as this occur, refer to the Informed Consent Policy for specific details. In these situations it is also recommended that discussions be held with the Clinical Director of the Department involved and/or one of the Medical Advisors.

In order to assist with the process of informed consent, NZBS provide a number of leaflets to be given to patients to aid understanding about risks and benefits of the transfusion of blood components and products. These leaflets can be ordered from the TNS in Blood Bank.

image of the fresh component leaflet
New! Now also for
Intellectually disabled

Transfusion-only Consent form (click for pdf)
Transfusion-only consent form (click for pdf)

Consent form for procedure/surgery ± transfusion (click for pdf)
Consent form for procedure/surgery ± transfusion (click for pdf)
Your Guide To Blood Transfusion Leaflets NZBS Leaflet Number
Albumex®4 and Albumex®20 111 I 012
Anti D - general information
111 I 004
Anti-D - routine antenatal anti-D prophylaxis (28 and 34 week doses) 111 I 208
Blood Coagulation Factor Concentrates - Biostate® (Factor VIII), MonoFIX®-VF (Factor IX), Prothrombinex® (warfarin reversal - factors II, IX and X) 111 I 014
Fresh Blood Components
(including red cells, plasma, platelets)

Now also for Chinese, French, Korean, Samoan, Maori, Intellectually disabled - only available as a downloaded document
111 I 011
Intravenous Immunoglobulin (Intragam®P, Privigen®) 111 I 010
Normal Immunoglobulin, Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin, Tetanus Immunoglobulin-VF, Zoster Immunoglobulin-VF 111 I 013
Providing Blood For Yourself 111 I 088
Cartoon booklets for paediatric fresh component recipients Please contact an NZBS TNS for a colour copy of this or print a copy from the website

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