Recombinant Clotting Factors - Quick Guide


  • For human plasma-derived clotting factors (Biostate, MonoFIX-VF, Prothrombinex-VF, Thrombotrol-VF, FEIBA, RiaSTAP) and for Section 29 Factor XIII & Protein C concentrates, please see the Clotting Factors (human) page.
  • These clotting factors are pharmaceutically manufactured clotting factors that are not derived from blood donations.
  • They are included in this resource because they are often confused with blood-donation-derived clotting factors and because some Blood Banks hold these on behalf of their hospitals.







  • Factor VIIa: NovosevenRT
  • Factor VIII: Advate, Adynovate, Kogenate FS, Refacto, Xyntha
  • Factor IX: Alprolix, BeneFIX, RIXUBIS


  • Factor VIII and Factor IX recombinant factors are indicated in the treatment or prophylaxis of bleeding episodes and surgery in patients with congenital or acquired deficiencies of Factors VIII or Factor IX.
  • Novoseven is indicated for the treatment of patients with severe deficiencies of Factor VIII or IX and inhibitors (antibodies) to the coagulation factors of more than 10 Bethesda Units (BU) or in patients with antibody titre less than 10 BU who are expected to have a high anamnestic response to Factor VIII or Factor IX. Novoseven is also indicated in the prevention and treatment of bleeding episodes in patients with congenital Factor VII deficiency or Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia.

    Note: use in other settings, e.g. massive transfusion, is off-license. A recent review concluded that: "Given the absence of evidence of benefit and with evidence of the risk of harm, the NAC recommends that recombinant VIIa no longer be used for the off-label indications of prevention and treatment of bleeding in patients without haemophilia."


  • NovoSeven RT is located in Blood Bank for select patients with haemophilia. It requires TMS or haematologist sign-off to issue. After authority to administer is obtained, forward the green form (MR22) to Blood Bank to obtain the product.

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