• Blood infusion sets include a 170-200 micron filter and must be used for administration of all blood components - Red blood cells, Plasma, Platelets, Cryoprecipitate and Granulocytes. The filter will remove any aggregated material and fibrin clots.
  • infusion sets / blood filters should be changed according to local policy.
  • All blood components in New Zealand are leucodepleted at source by NZBS. The use of bedside leucodepletion filters is not necessary.
  • For manufactured blood products (presented in bottles), syringes or a standard IV infusion set may be used. Note that glass bottles also need to be vented (see manufacturer's instructions for details).


  • If warming is needed, a specifically designed, commercial, approved, monitored system must be used. Blood and components must not be warmed above 41ºC.
  • A blood warmer is indicated for:
    • Large volume rapid transfusions of >50 mL/kg/hour in adults or >15 mL/kg/hour in children
    • Exchange transfusions
    • Patients with clinically significant cold agglutinins
  • Never improvise by placing a blood pack into hot water or a microwave.
  • Please Note: there is a safety alert for the Vyaire enFlow Fluid Warming System - please read this before deciding to use this equipment.


  • Pumps should be used to deliver blood products when:
    • Controlled flow rates are required for specific patients, e.g. paediatric patients, or those at risk of fluid overload.
    • Infusion of blood products via gravity is unreliable e.g. via PICC or small gauge cannula.
  • Caution! Haemolysis of blood cells may occur with some models.
    • Check the pump is approved for transfusing blood components
    • Check the manufacturers instructions before use with Red Cells and Platelet.
    • Never use pumps with granulocyte/buffy coat infusions
Blood infusion set
Blood infusion set
Standard IV set
Standard IV set

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