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Providing blood for yourself

The leaflet, Your Guide to Blood Transfusion - Providing Blood For Yourself, provides information on the risks and benefits of this procedure and should be given to the patient as part of the informed consent process. Note that, other than for special requirements (eg matching a rare red cell phenotyped), the patient is billed for each autologous blood unit donated, regardless whether it is used or not. Autologous units may not be used for anyone else.

The use of autologous blood is no longer recommended unless the clinical circumstances are exceptional. Exceptional circumstances may include:

  • Rare blood groups where allogeneic difficult to obtain
  • Children with scoliosis
  • Patients at serious psychiatric risk if blood transfusion is thought to be likely to cover their elective surgery
  • Patients who refuse to consent to allogeneic transfusion but who would consent to autologous blood

Further supplies of this leaflet (111I08802) are available from Blood Bank or the nearest donor centre.

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